About us

Isobags UK was launched in July 2015 after a discussion with Isolator Fitness from America at FIBO 2015 in Germany.

Isolator Fitness manufacture Isobags and the Isolator training systems, they produce them in the USA in their own factory, not using cheap labour in the far East means the quality of the Isolator products are second to none.

David Vollmer of Isolator Fitness was a reseller of another line of meal management bags to begin with but after complaining about the recurring faults in that line of products the owners told him to go and make his own if he didn't like their products - a statement they will be regretting severely now!

Dave did exactly that, he took on board what they had said and considering he was once the biggest seller of their products in the USA he knew the products would sell but they had to resolve the quality issues. We all know that no matter how good an idea is it will be a drastic failure if the end customer is not happy with their purchase.

After setting up his factory Mr. Vollmer in Pensilvania learned how to stitch and manufacture the products himself! This way no matter what happened he could step onto that production line and replace any one of his staff and he would also know and fully understand every last detail involved in the production of his bags so if there was any problems he could lead the way in resolving any issues that may come to light, this is why Isobags are produced to a higher standard than any rival product on the market.

Simple things like the cooling of the bags which is still a drastic failure on the original bags Dave worked with has been resolved by his choice of American made "Ice Bricks" which are solid - even in their unfrozen state and also stay cold longer than any gel packs have proven to do.

Because of all the above facts we felt we had to bring Isolator products to the UK and we launched Isobags UK.

Isobags UK is part of the Extreme Group who launched in 1999. Along with manufacturing their own sports nutrition ranges and importing fitness clothing too they have always had their finger on the pulse of all things new in the world of fitness, bodybuilding, strength sports and health.

The introduction of Isobags to the UK shows they are still leading the way when it comes to innovation and bringing cutting edge products to the UK and European markets.